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If I receive a notice from the IRS, what should I do?

As soon as you receive a notice of any kind from the IRS, you should immediately call CTS Legal or Audit department who will provide you with the necessary instructions on what is needed to proceed.

What are my chances of prevailing in an audit?

During the last 5 years, the IRS has changed dramatacilly. It appears to ignore all of the substantiation documents submitted in mail and in person audits. In person audits have changed, in that the auditors are no longer are willing to assist. The chances of prevailing in an audit are slim, requiring most of the time appealing to Tax Court. Tax Court is an expensive avenue.

How will CTS Help in an audit or IRS problem

During the past five years, the IRS has increased its violations of constitutional rights, ignored the law, and has been abusive to taxpayers. CTS provides audit representation free of charge to its taxpayer customers and is constantly challenging the IRS in Federal Court. CTS legal staff is constantly reviewing the cases and preparing as many as possible for Federal Court.

What legal immigration services can you help with?

We can help with a variety of legal immigration issues, such as:

- Relative petitions
- Green card renewals
- Suspension of deportation
- Fiancé petitions
- Completing ITI forms
- & any other type of immigration representation.